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Stay Clean Glass 250 ml
Sufficient for at least 100 qm
NANO particles with a carrier substances reconciled with the molecular structure of glass.
Ingredients: NANO particles, Titan, Silane, Isopropanol,
PH 6


Cleaning of glass with regular cleaners, dry, if during cleaning Tenside or other toxic substances are used, making sure, that they are neutralized and washed away with clear water. The ideal way would be to prepare glass, after the deep cleaning, with the NANO Pre Cleaner.
Always rubbing and polish small surfaces at once, not more than 4 qm .
After 4 hours the particles are cured, after that time the polishing is hardly possibly. After 24 hours the NANO particles found their structure and are hard, at this moment there is no more polishing possibly.

Short Product info:

Stay clean new NANO technology is the result out of knowledge of the NANO technology of the last generation.
It was possibly for us with proper carrier substances to create a high protection for glass with the following side effects:

Easy 2 clean:

rain is now the best friend of any glass, because it’s doing the cleaning. A NANO coated surface stands thus dirt is still there, but if only one drop of water is running down, the attractive power or the adsorption is bigger than on the NANO coated surface. There for the water drop is taking away the dirt particle. (not only dirt, also salt, seaweed, lime, and much more . . .. )

The result is, that in the future any glass is easily cleaned without any tenside or toxically substances.
We did a lot of tests and found out, that the best way to prepare a glassurface is by handling a regular Wetex or better a microphage rag – you will get the same result as by using more than 200 bar high pressure.


with the NANO coating the surface is getting an additional protection against mechanical conditions.
There fore the value of glass is preserved much better and they are not only staying visual in better conditions, also the structure will be protectedmuch more. It’s not necessary anymore to use expensive products anymore.

Save Naturel:

Our product is to 100 % bio-degradable and without any chemical ingredients.


Through the special NANO structure glass is getting additional protection against UV rays.

Saving cleansing agen:

Rain is now your glass cleaner.
By NANO coated glass surfaces it’s not necessary to use cleansing agents any more – all you need is clear water!

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PreCleaner serves as ideal base for Nano-coating.
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